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ZRE Canoe Paddles? 
--The Facts - What makes a ZRE Canoe Paddle better?
--Materials and Specs - We manufacture lightweight canoe paddles. - Composition and Craftsmanship == Lighter, Faster, Stronger, Better.
--Warranty- We stand behind our USA made Products!!!

Infinity Ski Poles?
--The Facts - What makes Infinity Ski Poles better?
--Material & Specs - We manufacture lightweight Ski poles, find out how.
--Test Data & Graphs - Putting them to the test, here's how they stood up!
--Our Unique Warranty - We stand behind our USA made Products!!!

Contact Us:
Our Location/Contact info - Our Many Ways to contact us.
--ZRE Sales Department - Contact us via Email with Sale & Pre-sale questions about Canoe Paddles and Infinity Ski Poles and accessories.

--Order A Printed Catalog - Our catalogs are "keepers"
--Dealer Application - Looking to sell our Products?
--Web site Department - Web site usability issues only.

Our Privacy Policies - How we protect and use your submitted info.
Our Shopping and Return Policies - We stand behind our products.


Our Retail/Service Centers:
-Full list of Local Retail/Service Center Outlets

-Local Service Centers:

--Infinity Sales and Service
--ZRE Service Centers

-Local ZRE Retail Distributors:
--USA - by state: (A-M | N-S | T-Z)
--The World

Our Gear Shop -
-- Our Online Store - Buy Infinity Ski Poles and Gear and ZRE Outrigger, Whitewater, Flatwater, Dragon Boat Canoe Paddles and Gear with our easy to use shopping cart. Free Shipping on website orders.

Our Gear Care, Help & Tips -
-- Main Gear Care and Tips Page

-General Tips
--How to Apply your Stickers
--ZRE Service Centers
--ZRE Retail Distributors
--Infinity Sales & Service Centers
--How do I Contact ZRE?

-PaddleSport Tips
--General Canoe Paddle Care
--How to Shorten your Canoe Paddle
--Sizing uncut Canoe Paddles
--Why bent Shaft Paddles?

-SnowSport Tips
--How to Measure your Ski Poles
--Sizing your Ski Poles


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