How To Measure Cross-Country Ski Poles

Zaveral Racing Equipment hand-makes each Infinity ski pole to the length you specify.

To find your correct size and get an accurate measurement, you’ll need some help, an ordinary ruler and a metal measuring tape marked in centimeters.

All measurements should be made with your boots on and while standing on a level surface. If you’re standing on your skis too, the pole tip measurement should be to the top of the ski surface, not the floor.

What You Will Need

  • A helper
  • Metal measuring tape in Centimeters
  • Ordinary measuring stick

Skate Skiing (or “Freestyle”)

To size your Infinity ski poles for skate skiing, use a ruler to measure from ground level to your lower lip. The distance in centimeters is your correct pole length.

Classic Skiing (or “Diagonal stride”)

  1. To measure, stand up straight while holding a ruler on your shoulder parallel to the ground.
  2. Have a friend measure from the ground up to the ruler. The distance in centimeters is your correct pole length.

Alternate method for Classic poles

  1. Measure as if ordering Skate Skiing poles (see above), and then subtract 10 centimeters.
  2. Write this Number down. You can input this measurement when you order.

Both poles will be made the same length unless you specifically request different lengths.


If you need help sizing your poles, or have other questions about Infinity Ski Poles, please give us a call.

You can contact us by email, phone, or find a ZRE Dealer near you.

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