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Materials and Specs

  Zaveral Racing Equipment has been acknowledged as the ultimate producer of high performance cross country ski poles, by continually adapting the latest aerospace materials and design techniques to the sporting industry. All Infinity ski poles are made with 100% high-modulus, Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber, otherwise known as Graphite - the lightest and strongest material available. The very same Carbon Fiber they make Formula1 Grand Prix Race Car Bodies out of.   INFINITY ski poles are therefore lighter, stiffer and stronger than earlier models and they have better swing weight as well.   

Dan Campbell Says good things about Infinity.

Ski Picture- Infinity Ski Poles in Action

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Infinity Ski Poles?
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If you are looking to Buy Infinity Ski poles or other Infinity Snowsport Gear please visit your local Authorized Infinity Representative or Our Online Gear Shop. We still offer Free Ground shipping to the continental USA for all web site purchases and we provide a secure ordering system with an easy-to-use shopping cart. Gear shop

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