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Test Data and Graphs  All Infinity ski poles are lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever and they have a better swing as well! Infinity makes their ski poles stronger, gram-for-gram than any other manufacturer.

Infinity poles are designed to be stronger and stiffer to compensate for compressive stress in order to transfer the maximum amount of force you apply to the ground.

Take a look at the impressive test results on this page.

Strength Test Graph

Dan Campbell Says good things about Infinity.

Deflector Machine

Weight Data Graph

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Stiffness Test graph

**Deflection test results can be misleading because deflection is tested by applying force to the center of the pole. While skiing most of the force applied to a ski pole is compressive, applied at the hand and forcing the fibers downward, not applied to the center of the pole and forcing them outward. Because other manufacturers provide deflection results, Infinity includes the results here for comparison.

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