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Infinity Vise Strap Instructions
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  •  The Vise Strap Retainer Tongue should be inserted from the bottom slot of the grip with thetexture side facing towards you.

  • Be sure to insert the strap retainer tongue all the way inside the grip, the top portion of the strap at the bottom of the retainer tongue should be inserted to the top grip. This is where the bottom of the wedge to pictures

  • Insert wedge that is attached to the grip with the teeth facing towards the textured retainer tongue. Wedge must be pushed firmly into the grip. Channel lock pliers work well to press the wedge in. Place
    one jaw on the wedge the other in the slot on the grip and squeeze.

  • The strap is new and does require some break in time, each time you use it the strap will become more pliable and easier to use.

  • To remove the strap pull upwards on the retainer tongue.

  • The end of the retainer tongue should be inserted in the hole in the top of grip to form a small loop.

  • Infinity straps are made of 100% nylon, if there any loose threads they can be carefully melted with a butane lighter, match or small torch.

  • Your hand should be inserted from the top or smaller opening of the strap so the anchor clip is on the top of your hand above your knuckles.
vise strap on picture
  • You can adjust the anchor clip and velcro closure to perfectly fit your hand.

  • Right and Left hand are labeled on the bottom of the Infinity logo strap.

  • To adjust the size to Small – Medium – Large – X Large unsnap the Anchor Clip and move to one of the four position pockets and resnap the clip.

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