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Why use a bent shaft Paddle?
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   Most people are learning that bent shaft canoe paddles are out performing straight paddles. You have to be careful on selecting the proper angle of your paddle. ZRE uses a 12 degree bend as their standard angle for several reasons. A 12 degree bent shaft is a perfectly balanced paddle that will allow your top and bottom arms to work equally.

   Straight paddles favor your top arm power and don't have the proper angle coming through the water as the bent shafts do. Bent shafts clear the bow of the canoe easier when switching sides as the blade is angled upward.

   Your back will also be in a better position to get maximum power into your stoke. You will be able to increase your stroke rate easier as your arms and back will be in the proper position when you start your sprint. The 14+ degrees work well but it favors your bottom arm and forearms.

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