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ZRE's Canoe Paddle Sizing Guide
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 Recreational Canoes:
In order to Buy the correct sized canoe paddle, one must measure and size it correctly. The most accurate method of sizing paddle length removes leg length from the equation. Sit in a chair and measure the distance from the chair seat to the bridge of your nose or eye-level, this is the length of your shaft and grip. Add the blade length of the paddle model you prefer in order to obtain the overall paddle length. Overall canoe paddle length is measured in a straight line from the tip of the blade to the top of the grip.

Competition Canoes:
Follow the above procedure, except, measure the distance from the chair seat to the tip of your nose and add blade length. Add 1 ½" to overall length for C-1 paddles.

Warning- Always wear dust and eye protection when working on your paddles. Wear gloves to reduce the risk of getting a cut or sliver. Never rub your fingers across the edges of your paddle.

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