Custom Sizing Your Ski Poles

Need to custom-size your ski poles?

You can order Infinity Ski Poles already cut to your custom length. Read How to Measure for Ski Poles.

If you would rather measure and assemble your own poles (or use your own grips or baskets) follow this procedure:

The tapered end of your ski pole is 9 mm in diameter; the top is 15.7 mm in diameter. You will make your cut on the larger end of the pole.

| Equipment needed:
  • Tape (duct/cellophane/adhesive/masking)
  • Metal measuring tape
  • Hack saw blade or band saw
  • Sandpaper (coarse grit)
  • Glue gun and hot glue
  • Dust mask
  • Safety glasses or other eye protection
  • Gloves
  1. Attach the basket
    • -Lightly sand the smaller, 9-mm diameter end of the ski pole.
    • -Apply hot glue to the sanded area and quickly slide your basket on the pole.
    • -Adjust the basket so the Infinity sticker is facing forward.
  2. Measure the desired pole length. See “Here’s how to measure your ski poles” for proper length.
    • Slide your grip onto the pole and take a measurement using a metal measuring tape.
    • Slide your grip off the pole and mark the amount to be shortened. This is where you will cut the pole. (For example, your measurement was 175 cm to the top of the grip and you would like your poles to measure 160 cm. Slide your grip off and measure down the pole from the top 15 cm and make a mark. This is where you cut your pole.)
    • Wrap tape around the pole covering the area where you will make your cut. Be sure to position the tape so you can make your cut in the middle of the tape to prevent splintering.
    • Measure again. Put a pencil mark on the tape at the point where you need to cut.
  3. Cut the pole at the point you marked.
  4. Attach the grip.
    • Sand the cut end of the pole and the area that will be covered by the grip. A light sanding assures good bonding.
    • Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the cut end and over the area to be covered by the grip.
    • Quickly slide the grip on. Use a back and forth twisting motion until the grip is on the pole as far as it can go.
    • Line the grip up with the basket.
    • Let the glue cool.
  5. After the glue has cooled to room temperature, remove the excess.

Warning Always wear dust and eye protection when working on your poles. Wear gloves to reduce the risk of getting a cut or sliver. Never rub your fingers across the cut edge of your pole.


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