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ZRE Outrigger Canoe Paddles, Dragon Boat Canoe Paddles, all made from 3 pieces of Carbon Fiber. 3 pc Paddle Larger Pictiure

      Zaveral Racing Equipment builds all of our canoe paddles, outrigger paddles, dragon boat paddles, professional & recreational, out of 3 separate lightweight pieces of Carbon Fiber, any of which can easily be replaced as needed. A Grip, A Shaft and the Blade.

The lighter weight and superior characteristics of these Carbon Fiber lightweight canoe paddles will result in a faster, less fatiguing, and more enjoyable sporting experience for every enthusiast.

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More ZRE Canoe Paddles?
--Materials and Specs - We manufacture lightweight canoe paddles, find out how.
--The Warranty - 100%
--Our New Power Surge -Special Curved Blade.
--Our New Power Curve - designed by 24-time Whitewater Open Canoe Slalom National Champion, Harold Deal, and developed with Jeff Allott.

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Retail./Service Centers - Our ZRE Canoe Paddles and Infinity Ski Poles are sold Worldwide, Use our online directory to find a Local Retail Outlet where you can "feel the difference".
Our Location/Contact info - Many Ways to contact us. Feel Free to do so, we'll be glad to answer your questions.

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