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Welcome to ZRE.com! Builders of top quality paddles since 1973.
Faster, Lighter, Stonger, Better!

Our Features

zre outrigger paddle

Carbon Fiber Construction

Our paddles are made from top grade carbon fiber, giving you the lightest, strongest paddle available. Whether you are a recreational paddler, or competitive athlete, you'll love the light weight, comfortable feel & performance of our paddles.

Three-Piece Design

You can make your ZRE paddle as custom as you like, thanks to our 3-piece design.

Trusted by Top Athletes

ZRE Paddles are used and trusted by top athletes all over the world. Whether it's outrigger, dragonboat or SUP, paddlers the world over race and win with ZRE paddles!
made in usa

Made in USA since 1973

Zaveral Racing Equipment proudly manufactures ZRE Paddles and Infinity Ski Poles at our facility in Mt. Upton, New York. Thank you for supporting American-made products and innovation!

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